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Raise awareness about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico by putting together miscellaneous projects to encourage the world's youth to speak up for causes they believe in. All proceeds will go towards helping with the relief efforts. The vampire phenomenon has many fandoms and we believe every one of them can come together in a collaborative effort to help out with the Gulf crisis.
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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Special Thanks!

The vampire support team would like to give a special thank you for an organization called "R.A.W.R." aka Raising Awareness With Rock. They made a special donation to us and our efforts in the gulf. Their donation will help us continue our efforts, and help us see further projects in the future come to life! Please check them out here:   and help spread the word for their causes too.

Please remember that everyones donations big and small along with the feedback is important. None of this could be possible without the funds we have received and word of mouth to assure this little dream of making a difference came to life. Everyone who has supported us in these efforts is just as much a part of vampire support as we are. Thank you again so much!

Amber and Chloe

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