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Raise awareness about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico by putting together miscellaneous projects to encourage the world's youth to speak up for causes they believe in. All proceeds will go towards helping with the relief efforts. The vampire phenomenon has many fandoms and we believe every one of them can come together in a collaborative effort to help out with the Gulf crisis.
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Monday, July 12, 2010

FAQ's Regarding Shirts, Auction, and More!

Thanks to The National Wildlife Federation for this picture.

We've recently received a lot of questions regarding the items up for auction, as well as the change of charities! Please read below for a question you may have. Missing something? Email us at or leave a comment and we will add it! Thank you all again for the support!

Q: How will we bid on the items?
A: There will be a special charity auction hosted on eBay. 

Q: When is the auction?
A: The date for the auction is TBA. As soon as a date is set we promise to let everyone know right away.

Q: Where is the money raised from the auction going?
A: The National Wildlife Federation will receive the money from the auctions. You can view their efforts in the gulf here:

Q: How can you guarantee my money is going to The National Wildlife Federation? 
A: We can provide the proper documentations to assure that money is going to NWF. Also NWF will be hosting the auction through their charity eBay account.

Q: Can we bid on an item if we live outside of the United States?
A: Yes. The auctions will be made available for international bidders. An eBay account will be required.

Q: Will I have to pay for shipping and handling if I bid on an item? 
A: Yes. Shipping prices have not been decided and will be slightly higher for international shipping.

Q: Why did you change donations from going to to NWF?
A: The donations for the t-shirts are going to continue to be given to Gulf Aid. We decided that expanding charities and helping more than one organization was the better route to take. NWF is strictly animals and it was an agreed decision to choose a charity that was designed for one cause.

Q: Are you affiliated with any of the actors/writers/etc. donating items?
A: No. Vampire Support is not endorsed by any of the vampire fandoms or actors donating to Vampire Support's charity events, videos, shirts, etc.

Q: What items do you have?
A: Vampire Diaries pilot script signed by ENTIRE cast. 
Vampire Diaries poster signed by Paul, Nina and Ian. 
More items TBA.

Q: How do I know the autograph script and poster 
from the TVD cast is real?
A: These items were donated to Vampire Support by a representative of the CW network.

Q: When will the bracelets be on sale?
A: We have ordered awareness bracelets. They are black with red print and say "Vampire Fans Support Gulf Aid." Estimated sale of bracelets will begin July 28th. The price is $5 a bracelet You will also have the option of getting 3 bracelets for $10. You will be able to pay through PayPal. We will mail them internationally.

Q: Do the Vampire Support t-shirts ship worldwide?
A: Yes. International shipping is slightly higher.
You can purchase a shirt here

Q: Did Julie Plec really send you the items?
A: Yes! Thanks Julie! :) 

Q: Can I make a donation without buying an Item?
A: Yes, and we encourage you to do so! Research what efforts you would like your money to go towards and decide the amount you would like to donate. The cause it's what's important! If you are having trouble finding a reliable organization, please take a look at our links at the top of our website!

Thanks for everything! We really appreciate it. More info coming soon. Stay tuned and keep spreading awareness on the Gulf crises. Follow us on Twitter for updates on the oil spill and more!
-Chloe and Amber